Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Feel the Love Project - January 2013

In loving memory, the I feel the Love Project would like to pay tribute to Victoria Leigh Soto (Vicki), a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. She lost her life on 12.14.12, but six or seven (still to be confirmed) students in her classroom survived that day because of her selfless actions. It is those students that we will be making cards for this month. They are not to be forgotten. They too have suffered a tremendous loss and have experienced a tragedy that will forever change their lives. We will be making Valentine's Day cards/cards with hearts on them for these wonderful kids. All projects should be colorful and uplifting. These children are all first grade students.  

In addition, we will be collecting cards for Ms. Soto's family. These can be pretty blank cards, thinking of you cards, or any appropriate, uplifting cards that one would send to a family member after a loss. Please be sure to sign your cards. Ms. Soto's family members include her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Soto (Carlos and Donna); her sisters, Jillian and Carlee; and her brother, Carlos Matthew. Among Ms. Soto's favorite things are the color green and flamingos. 

If you would like to be a part of this project...

All you need to do is:

Submit your card/s by January 31st to:

Madison Womack
IFTL Project
P.O. Box 1203
Atascadero, CA 93423

Project #17

Please share your project with everyone by linking it to the I Feel the Love Project photo gallery before you put it in the mail. Click HERE to find the photo gallery.

Thank you all in advance.  This could never work with out you and all your continued support.  Spread the word!



  1. Once again, Madison, how very thoughtful of you and all the crafters that participate in the wonderful project, 'I Feel The Love."

    Happy New Year to you and all the participating crafters.

  2. Endless love continues to go out to all impacted... and every beautiful heart that creates something for them this month. Thank you for the opportunity to bless them, Madison. It is always an honor. :o)

    Hugs and blessings!

  3. Hi Madison, I just wanted to let you know that my post is scheduled for tomorrow, I have one card completed and hopefully will get more done.Hugs

  4. Hi Madison, I just added my link now... My post was up on the 9th but I forgot about having to link up! eeeek! Glad I remembered!

  5. OH! I forgot to say I am addding another one for tomorrow morning..

  6. Such Wonderful Cards!Love them all!
    Thank You Madison!

  7. Hi Madison! I have added a link but wanted to let you know there are two cards on the same page that I will be sending, two more will be posted this week then I will be sending them all in the mail at once. YOU are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love where your heart is you beautiful soul! Hugs

  8. Hi Madison,
    I mailed my cards out Yesterday,Saturday.
    Hope you are having a Wonderful Sunday,

  9. Hi Madison, I wanted to let you know that I mailed 4 cards, I know I don't have 4 links but that is due to adding 2 cards to the post...therefore can only link up once. They are all in the mail today!!!! Have a wonderful day my friend, hugs

  10. Hi Madison!
    I sent my cards this morning - hope thy will arrive soon... ;-)
    Perhaps you can write a few words, it´s really difficult for me. That would be great!

    1. Of course Mel!! I would be happy to!! Thank you so much. You are so awesome to send cards from Germany!! I always let our recipients know where your cards come from:) Have a great day!