Friday, July 1, 2011

I Feel the Love Project- July 2011

I am honored to announce today that for the month of July, Marley Moore (right end) and her family will be the recipient of our handcrafted cards.   

Mia- Sister, Brent-Dad, Nikki-Mom and Marley Moore:)

On Friday, August 7, 2009, Marley was taken to the hospital due to concerns from her family as well as their family physician.  A CT scan found a tumor (pilocytic astrocytoma), about the size of a lemon, located on her brain. Marley was immediately rushed to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where the doctors went to work...they began to drain fluid from her brain to release the pressure that had been causing her immense pain for weeks prior. 

The tumor was located around/near the optic nerve, the brain stem, and the pituatary gland. Because it was near several very sensitive areas of the brain, the doctor's scheduled a surgery to remove as much of the tumor as they possibly could. That surgery took place on Monday, August 10, 2009. The surgeon was able to remove a larger portion than he had originally thought, but that evening, as a result of trauma to the brain from surgery, Marley suffered a stroke, leaving her right side paralyzed.  You can follow the rest of her story through our journal updates. Click HERE.

Caring Bridge Journal Entry: "Marley is a little angel. She is a beautiful, strong, little girl, and she's well on her way to fighting through this. We believe in a mighty that is with her every step of the way." 

Here is how you can help.  Each crafter can submit one card by July 31st to:

Madison Womack
(IFTL) Funky Cards
P.O. Box 1203
Atascadero, CA  93423

Please note that this is project #2 and I would like for you to include the project # on the bottom left hand corner (front side) of the envelope.  The mailing address and a sample of this is on my blog and can always be found by going to my home page and clicking on mailing address on the top bar.

It would be fun to share our cards with one another, so please feel free to link a photo of your card to my blog before you put it in the mail:

This month you may submit a card that would be appropriate to give to a young child who is battling a cancerous brain tumor, her young sister, or her parents.  This entire family has been feeling the effects of this experience so you can choose to make the card for any one or all of the family members.  If you would like to be included as part of the "I Feel the Love Project" team and appear on the photo page, please submit a head shot of yourself to: Funkycards @ charter dot net (no spaces).

Thank you in advance to all my online crafting friends.  Let's make this a huge success for those who need to "Feel the Love!"   This family needs your support.  Please take a moment to show you care.