Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Feel the Love Project- April 2012


This is Emily's story, as told on her aunt's blog.

"At the adventurous age of six, Emily is the oldest daughter of four children to Sean and Jennifer Ziemathis. Although small, petite and quiet, she holds her own with her brothers and sister and has a heart the size her mommy and daddy admire. Arts and crafts, pink and purple, horses and kittens are items that will keep her content and comfortable for hours. Unfortunately, that comfort has been disrupted with the recent diagnosis of Leukemia.

It all started when Emily began complaining about her legs and joints hurting, among other trips to the pediatrician. This is when her parents decided to take her to the children's hospital, where they found out the bad news about the Leukemia."

Emily loves receiving cards and I am honored to be able to design and create a handmade card for her. Emily is this month's recipient of our "I Feel the Love Project" cards. Let's show her just how much we care. Please consider joining me in making a cheerful/thinking of you card for Emily. Cards like these can really help to brighten her day.

 Submit your card/s by April 30 to:
Madison Womack
(IFTL) Funky Cards
P.O. Box 1203
Atascadero, CA  93423
                                Project #10

 Please share your card with everyone by linking it to my blog before you put it in the mail.  Click HERE to find the photo gallery.