Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Feel the Love Project- March 2012

I Feel the Love Project: March 2012

It all started December 2011.... (as told by Trinitie's mom)
"A couple months before Christmas Trinitie was having some minor headaches, I really didn't pay that much attention to them.  I gave her some Tylenol and thought it may have been due to lack of sleep, her diet, dehydration, or the fact that she was growing. The next week we monitored her and made sure that she was in fact getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of fluids. The headaches seemed to increase and I decided to take her to the pediatric clinic. When we arrived Trin ran a low grade fever (first time she had a fever with the headache symptoms) with no questions asked the nurse ran a swab test and she tested positive for the flu.
Trinitie took the flu medicine until it ran out but we had noticed that she wasn't feeling herself. She was very sluggish were she used to be bubbly and energetic, her headaches seemed to increase, she couldn't sleep and night, couldn't focus on her school work, and she was now vomiting several times a day. I took her back to her pediatrician.
After explaing this symptoms to him, he quickly ordered us to go the the nearby hospital and have a CT Scan performed. After that procedure had taken place we were ordered to have a MRI performed as they had noticed a mass on her brain and needed to get a closer more precise look. When they were finished they handed us a disk and told us to go back to the clinic and show our pediatrician the disk.
I remember this like it was yesterday, almost like something out of a Twilight movie. We pulled into the parking lot of a well known always crowded pediatric clinic to find no one in the parking lot and as we walked up to the front door a nurse greeted us as if they had been waiting for our arrival. At that moment I knew in my heart something was going on.
We sat in the room and waited for the Dr, when he walked into the room almost instantly I saw his face change. He said "there is no easy way to tell you this but, Trinitie has a Brain Tumor" Trinitie started crying and everything the Dr. said at that point was far off in the distance somewhere.
This is how Trinitie's journey begins..."
And now it is our turn to help bring some love and joy to this beautiful girl and her family.  Trinitie is this month's recipient of our "I Feel the Love Project" cards.  Let's show her just how much we care.  Please consider making a cheerful/thinking of you card for Trinitie.  Cards like these can really help to brighten her day. 
 Submit your card/s by March 31 to:
Madison Womack
(IFTL) Funky Cards
P.O. Box 1203
Atascadero, CA  93423
                                Project #9

 Please share your card with everyone by linking it to my blog before you put it in the mail.  Click HERE to find the photo gallery.

Thank you to fellow crafter Ms. Tanya Adams
for sharing Trinitie's story with me.