Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Feel the Love Project- September 2011

Today I would like to announce the 
recipients for the month of September
"I Feel the Love Project"
Spreading the Love One Card at a Time- Funky Cards

The Children at
Pediatirc Specialty Care (PSC) has been successfully serving medically fragile children and their families for nearly 20 years.  Many of the children who reside at PSC were born severely prematurely -- NICU babies whose lungs never had the chance to develop in-utero.  While miracles of medicine have enabled some of the tiniest babies to survive and thrive with no developmental delays or physical problems, some require a lifetime of assistance to breathe, using a ventilator.

Some babies suffer the effects of having become drug-addicted or alcohol dependent while their moms were pregnant.  Others have had a traumatic birth, where they were "anoxic" or starved of oxygen, affecting their brains. Some have syndromes or diseases, like muscular dystrophy, sickle cell anemia, and cerebral palsy.

Some kids only spend a month or two at PSC while they receive specialized medical care that is considered "sub-acute", that is, not quite severe enough to spend the days in the hospital, but not quite well enough to go home.  Sometimes, those homes may be unstable or unsafe -- a family facing eviction, for example, or a home that still needs to have ramps built for a wheelchair.      

Other kids have spent much of their entire lives at PSC -- decades, because their care is too complex to be carried out at what had been their home.  Now, PSC has become their home where they can live and grow up with families.  These kids can go out on a school bus with a nurse to be educated in the community, either in special classrooms and/or mainstreamed.

Please help us fill these children's rooms with Halloween cards this year:)  Nothing scary, just fun!  We will be creating Halloween cards for the month of September so that they can be mailed at the beginning of October and handed out to the kids by Halloween.

Here is how you can help.  Each crafter can submit one or more cards by September 30th to:

Madison Womack
(IFTL) Funky Cards
P.O. Box 1203
Atascadero, CA  93423

                      Project #4

It would be fun to share our cards with one another, so please feel free to link a photo of your card/s to my blog before you put it/them in the mail.

Please submit a card that would be appropriate to give to a medically fragile child for Halloween.  Nothing scary please.  

Thank you in advance to all my online crafting friends.  Let's make this a huge success for these kids who need to "Feel the Love!"