Friday, June 1, 2012

I Feel the Love Project- May 2012



This is Brandon's story, as told by Ms. Ellen, staff member at the Pediatric Specialty Carethe pediatric care facility where Brandon was taken after the accident. 

"BRANDON was just 4 one day, riding in the family car for a trip to McDonalds for a Happy Meal, when a tragic car accident changed the lives of his young family. Brandon's mother, aunt and sister were all seriously injured and rushed to area hospitals; his mother's boyfriend (the driver of the car) died of his injuries. Brandon was pulseless at the scene of the accident, was revived and taken to a trauma center. 

There, doctors discovered that despite being in a car seat, Brandon had suffered a traumatic brain injury, traumatic spinal cord injury and had been without oxygen to his brain for too long for a reasonable chance at recovery. Despite dire predictions early on, Brandon has had remarkable accomplishments in rehab. He is considered tetraplegic, which means he can move one limb from time to time; he remains trach and ventilator dependent, which little likelihood that he will ever be weaned from the ventilator, due to his neurological damage from the accident. 

Brandon's mom is just 34 years young and also cares for Brandon's 2 year old sister, Ashley. She's trying to regroup after losing her boyfriend (Ashley's father), and while still caring for herself and the injuries she suffered too, as well as caring for the aunt who is still in the hospital following the September 1 accident. 

Brandon likes watching other kids playing video games, enjoys superheroes like Spiderman and Batman, sports and Legos. He and his whole family would appreciate cards, prayers and thoughtfulness for this young man as he begins his journey home, through placement in a long term care facility for a stay long enough that Mom can be trained and find a new suitable home where Brandon's complex care can be managed."

I was asked by Ms. Ellen if I would be interested in featuring Brandon as a recipient of the "I Feel the Love Project" cards.  I am honored to be able to ask my followers to join me this month in designing and creating handmade cards for him. Brandon is this month's recipient of our "I Feel the Love Project" cards. Let's show him just how much we care. Please consider joining me in making a cheerful/thinking of you card for Brandon. Cards like these can really help to brighten his day.

 Submit your card/s by May 31 to:
Madison Womack
(IFTL) Funky Cards
P.O. Box 1203
Atascadero, CA  93423
                                Project #11

 Please share your card with everyone by linking it to my blog before you put it in the mail.  Click HERE to find the photo gallery.


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